Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Favorite Stuffie

Meet Bunny

This is Mugsy's favorite toy.

It was something that we had a the house when I was a kid, probably from the easter bunny quincidently. My Mom sent it over for the dogs to play with.

The unique thing about Bunny is Mugsy 'nookes' it to relax just about every night. He will do it with other stuffed toys but Bunny is his favorite. Most stuffies last a few days in our house before being torn to shreds, but not Bunny.

Bunny is not allowed outside. On his way inside sometimes Mugsy will pick up Bunny and run up and down the house with it. Sometimes Azia will take Bunny and run around and then Mugsy will chase her. Azia usually lets Mugsy have bunny back and for some reason you can see this makes her happy. (Smiles and Waggs)

I wash Bunny about once a week, but as you can imagine, Bunny is well loved. What will we do without Bunny when he is too fragile to be washed anymore?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just be sure to put the new one and the old one together into a rinse cycle together so the new one gets the scent from the old one. She'll be just fine with that.