Thursday, August 30, 2007

The American Dog c.1910

“Pop” Benson with Bunny II

I found this eBook online, it contains many older pictures of where the BT breed was at in 1910. It is a mix of some strong terrier types and then some more bully dogs. I included the picture above because it looks the most like Muggles the Mobster of Wayzata.

eBook from 1910

The Project Gutenberg eBook

Friday, August 24, 2007

Meet Azia

Azia and Mugsy
They both know to sit for cookies so they sat long enough to get this shot. Mugsy is growing so fast, he is up to 12 pounds this week. He very playful and like the cartoon in my last post, is usually looking for trouble. Azia and him get along but like all siblings have their moments. Sometimes Mugsy instigates it with his relentless chewing on her. I have to keep a close eye on the chewy sticks, little Mugsy was almost a goner over Azia's rawhide that was stuck under the vacuum. This actually was a bit of a blessing as he realized that he is not the boss after that. For some reason the wrestling arena of choice is the living room so I end up getting annoyed and separating them. Which is okay we all need some peace and quiet.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Comic Relief

I am reading the book Boston Terriers, The Early Years, by Cathy J. Flamholtz. I started it in the car on my way to Kansas City from Minneapolis to pick Mugsy up, so far it has been fun to read. I'll talk more about it in a post to come once I finish it.

As an artist and OBB/BT enthusiast I have especially enjoyed reading chapter four dedicated to artist and cartoonist Robert L. Dickey (1861-1944). An avid animal lover, Dickey started painting animals as a young kid. He later advanced his career by sketching horses for a prominent sporting magazine. In the 1930s he became know for his newspaper strips 'Mr. and Mrs. Beans', 'Buster Beans' and 'Buckey and his Pals'. Dickey also illustrated dog cartoons for Life magazine and for other advertisers from 1914 to 1930. A smattering of these illustrations are in Flamholtz book.

As I get to know Mugsy better, I am finding that Dickey truly captured the
character of these breeds. He often illustrates from the puppies perspective and incorporates many other adult animals and dogs in his cartoons. From their little wiggly bottoms to their run-and-tumble adventures, visually the cartoons are spot-on. They also illustrate funny topics that OBB or BT owners should easily relate too. I often wonder what little Mugsy is thinking and most pet owners can attest to the expressions on their beloved pets faces when we put them in those crazy predicaments like above or my favorite as a child...Cat dress up day! Poor kitties...

Happy Friday!

P.S. I am looking for a copy of the book by Dickey, Mr and Mrs Beans if anyone runs across one
(signed would be the golden ticket!).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sleeping Dogs

There is something so sweet about sleeping puppies. So peaceful as they dream, twitching and chattering away. I wonder what it is all about? Are they digging holes? Playing in a pile of chewy flip-flops? Or is there some fond memory spinning around in their little minds. So sweet is the puppy that sleeps!

Mugsy had an active weekend. He went swimming at my parents house, which was a BIG new place to sniff out. His big sis Azia had to check out the woods, he was close to follow. He's so little, I thought for a second, the bushes had consumed him! He quickly found his way back. He has no problem crying when he is in trouble.

It wasn't too long and he was napping in the sun on a lawn chair with his Auntie Jessie. He is getting more 'domestic' everyday and quickly losing his grizzly ways. Muggles!

Monday, August 6, 2007

slang for 'Girl Dogs' love me!

...okay sometimes we can't resist putting cute clothes on him. He loves it as much as his big sister Azia does. So anyway, has anyone else noticed his nose looks like a heart?

We took him to the vet for his eight-week check up this past week and he doubled his weight since his six-week check up! Seven and a half pounds on Tuesday and we noticed over the weekend he is getting heavier by the hour! Muggles!

Didn't get too much sleep over the weekend it seems our date night on Saturday spelled too long of a nap in the kennel and up all night! Ugh, good thing he's cute....

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Daily Puppy

Mugsy and I were having lunch today and we stumbled across this site, The Daily Puppy, it is full of cute puppy pictures. Mugsy will have to talk to Savvy Photography and see if he can get another appointment for shots outside since they have strict rules about flash and wearing stupid clothes! We never put silly clothes on Mugsy....