Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sleeping Dogs

There is something so sweet about sleeping puppies. So peaceful as they dream, twitching and chattering away. I wonder what it is all about? Are they digging holes? Playing in a pile of chewy flip-flops? Or is there some fond memory spinning around in their little minds. So sweet is the puppy that sleeps!

Mugsy had an active weekend. He went swimming at my parents house, which was a BIG new place to sniff out. His big sis Azia had to check out the woods, he was close to follow. He's so little, I thought for a second, the bushes had consumed him! He quickly found his way back. He has no problem crying when he is in trouble.

It wasn't too long and he was napping in the sun on a lawn chair with his Auntie Jessie. He is getting more 'domestic' everyday and quickly losing his grizzly ways. Muggles!

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