Friday, August 24, 2007

Meet Azia

Azia and Mugsy
They both know to sit for cookies so they sat long enough to get this shot. Mugsy is growing so fast, he is up to 12 pounds this week. He very playful and like the cartoon in my last post, is usually looking for trouble. Azia and him get along but like all siblings have their moments. Sometimes Mugsy instigates it with his relentless chewing on her. I have to keep a close eye on the chewy sticks, little Mugsy was almost a goner over Azia's rawhide that was stuck under the vacuum. This actually was a bit of a blessing as he realized that he is not the boss after that. For some reason the wrestling arena of choice is the living room so I end up getting annoyed and separating them. Which is okay we all need some peace and quiet.

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