Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Picture

Here is Mugsy lounging on the couch yesterday- tisk! tisk!

He's really a handsome little guy, he is very, very active right now. He will be 6 months old on the 4th. We are finishing the next level of puppy class next week and will have a home trainer start with us after the new year for both dogs. Meanwhile I will be working on some basic commands like heel and leave it--we need that a lot. I'll have to post a picture of my shoe he munched up, dumb me left them out. I'd almost he rather chew on those than our underwear...yuck!

Mugsy and the kitty cat are learning to get along this week and the big one is Mugsy goes to the door and whines to go out to pee/poo. We still have a little accident here and there but, he is learning. We opened up our back lot for the dogs to play so they have a ton of yard to play in. Now I can't see if they escaped but so far so good. Azia does like to take Mugsy out back and beat him up so I have been diligent in watching how annoyed she is with him. In class last week I learned that the face biting is aggressive behavior so I am trying to teach Musgy to not play so ruff and face bite or he can't play at all--if we can stand the howling he'll get a timeout.

Until next post...
Naomi and Mugsy

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mugsy's Earning His Keep!

Here is an old postcard featuring BT Lady Ripple.
It could be Mugsy's twin with those markings. Enjoy!

Hey You! Recently Mugsy and I decided we'd like to get involved with more word of mouth advertising via our blog. We have a modest but awesome following of readers that may enjoy some of the same things we do and it means we'll get to blog more (yeah!). So we signed up for and were recently accepted. So from time to time you may see something we are helping to spread the word about.

PayPerPost has been really easy to use so far and fun because you can see other successful blogs and bloggers using the system. Then if you have any trouble you can contact PPP's Customer Love Department (great title huh!). If you blog you should definitely look into the service. It is win-win for both the blogger and the promoter. I found out about PPP when I was looking into the Blog World Expo that took place in Las Vegas earlier this month (yes, I am a geek). So now Mugsy and I are official 'Posties' and are looking for great stuff to share with our readers.

Note: Be sure to look at the rules before you do so you know how to qualify, not every blog will. Also read word of mouth ethics for more information.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Best Cities for Dogs

Men's Health magazine published a fabulous article for anyone looking to relocate to a dog friendlier city. I was very excited to see one of my favorite places I want to move someday top the list. Colorado Springs, Co. was number one and Denver, Co. made number six.

Denver's ranking may surprise a lot of people since Denver has a bad rap as far as breed specific legislation. It has made me think twice about moving there. A few years ago Colorado legislators passed a law making it impossible for cities to ban breeds. The Denver City Council had to revoke its ban as well as a few other cities. The ASPCA has a lot of great information on this if you are interested in learning more about Breed Specific legislation and alternative solutions for dealing with irresponsible dog owners.

Here is a link to the Men's Health article on the Best Cities for Dogs. You'll learn more about how each city is ranked and some interactive maps if you want to see how your city ranked on the individual criteria .

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Olde Boston Bulldogge Development Board

Roundhead Kennels (Mugsy's Dame) and Wired Kennels (Mugsy's Sire) in conjunction with the IOEBA operate a chat board dedicated to preserving and developing the Olde Boston Bulldogge.
This site provides a high quality, family oriented chat like the IOEBA already has in existence, but specifically for Olde Boston Bulldogges (OBB). You will find postings and files regarding the history, training, frequently asked questions, and promotions of/and for the OBB. Look for literature, websites, and other key information to enable you to be an active participant in the OBB community.

Mugsy and I frequently visit here; okay I am somewhat stalking the sight for anything new! There are some new pictures out there so if you are interested in seeing more click here and it will direct you to the site. Enjoy!