Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mugsy's Earning His Keep!

Here is an old postcard featuring BT Lady Ripple.
It could be Mugsy's twin with those markings. Enjoy!

Hey You! Recently Mugsy and I decided we'd like to get involved with more word of mouth advertising via our blog. We have a modest but awesome following of readers that may enjoy some of the same things we do and it means we'll get to blog more (yeah!). So we signed up for and were recently accepted. So from time to time you may see something we are helping to spread the word about.

PayPerPost has been really easy to use so far and fun because you can see other successful blogs and bloggers using the system. Then if you have any trouble you can contact PPP's Customer Love Department (great title huh!). If you blog you should definitely look into the service. It is win-win for both the blogger and the promoter. I found out about PPP when I was looking into the Blog World Expo that took place in Las Vegas earlier this month (yes, I am a geek). So now Mugsy and I are official 'Posties' and are looking for great stuff to share with our readers.

Note: Be sure to look at the rules before you do so you know how to qualify, not every blog will. Also read word of mouth ethics for more information.

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