Friday, February 15, 2008

Meet Mugsy's New Cousin!

Lady Lola of Bryn Mawr
Boxer - 8 weeks

Lola wasn't suppose to come home until this weekend but she was a Valentines Day surprise for Jessie from Dick. Yeah! I'll have to go over there to meet her this weekend. We've been sharing all of our expert advise but I think they are in for a surprise! Puppies are cute so you don't kill them for mischief. :)

Like today Mugsy surprised me with getting black gear grease all over my bedroom. Yippie! Not sure why we need to keep gear grease on our night stand where Mr Muggles likes to steal things and chew on them. Our house doubles as a garage and tool shed. Thanks Rory, I'll clean that up while you go on vacation this weekend. :) Actually it must have tasted awful since mugsy quickly moved on to something else it could have been a household disaster.

happy friday!
Naomi & Mugsy

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Puppy delivery! New service offered by Pet Babies on the Move

Not sure where this image came from but it has pets and babies.

I ran across this new service for puppy delivery, looked like a great option verses flying or driving yourself to pick up your new friend.

I haven't personally used them or know of anyone who has but I think it is a great option for people in the north since you can't fly your puppy in cold weather.

In fact my co-worker would have a little OBB right now if she could have arranged a flight.

If anybody tries it we'd love to know how it worked!

Happy Valentines Day!
Naomi & Mugsy

Monday, February 11, 2008

A place to belong! Great Lakes Bulldogge Club - IOEBA

A new club has been started near Minnesota. Yeah!

It is called the Great Lakes Bulldogge Club - IOEBA.

We don't have a sponsor but we'd sure like to join. Mugsy will be super excited when I tell him.

Looks like they mostly have OEB - Olde English Bulldogges signed up. Maybe we can get cousin Haley (OEB) to sign up? Then we'd be able to go to shows together. :)

Thanks to the Old Boston Chat board for the cross post for the new club. Good luck to the organization! If they read this and need any graphic design help for their organization - I'm available to help make some stuff. :)

Naomi & Mugsy

p.s. Did I mention we are super excited about this?