Monday, February 11, 2008

A place to belong! Great Lakes Bulldogge Club - IOEBA

A new club has been started near Minnesota. Yeah!

It is called the Great Lakes Bulldogge Club - IOEBA.

We don't have a sponsor but we'd sure like to join. Mugsy will be super excited when I tell him.

Looks like they mostly have OEB - Olde English Bulldogges signed up. Maybe we can get cousin Haley (OEB) to sign up? Then we'd be able to go to shows together. :)

Thanks to the Old Boston Chat board for the cross post for the new club. Good luck to the organization! If they read this and need any graphic design help for their organization - I'm available to help make some stuff. :)

Naomi & Mugsy

p.s. Did I mention we are super excited about this?

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