Monday, January 28, 2008

Book Review: Dogs

My new book came today from and I love it! Anybody who loves old photography, especially of dogs, will love this book. Caroline Johnson collects amateur snapshots of dogs, this book is a collection of photos from the turn of the century up to the 50's. It also has a smattering of quotes and writings from William Wegman, the worlds best known dog photographer. Phaidon published the book; as an art student I quickly realized what great books they choose to publish, this is no exception. Some might review the faux cloth binding treatment as lesser quality but it is a great price for a 500+ page picture book.

It is especially fun for me to see all the old bulldogs! I think every other page has one. Oh! And all the old boston bulls pictures... They must have been quiet popular during the early days. There is even one picture that has writing on it. It says, "Can you find Pat? He's a Dandy little Toy Boston Bull and a female! Patsy is her right name." Lake Erie Summer 1928. That old pat joke from Saturday Night Live must be much older or it's an inside joke. The image is of a man cradling a Bt marked bulldog.

This will be a treasured addition to my growing collection of books on dogs. This also inspired me to finally finish that amazon store! So please check out our favorite book and movies! I will use the proceeds to help promote Olde Boston Bulldogges development by sponsoring trophies at shows, traveling to events or donating proceeds to other dog related causes.

Enjoy! Naomi & Mugsy

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dog Scratching Solutions, Nail Caps for Dogs

Dog Scratching Solutions, Nail Caps for Dogs
and cats too!

Hey! I was surfing around and saw an ad for non-surgical options for cat claws and then I noticed they had them for dogs too. Mugsy nails grow a lot he doesn't mean to scratch me but....ouch!

Definitely will get them for the cat and maybe him too!

Check it out!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

...nuff said (mugsy found the bunny)

Don't worry, I told him he was a good boy. He was excited; I cleaned it up (grimace). I may actually get sleep tonight since this has been keeping the dogs up at night - they must see bunnies from the window at night.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weekend Forecast: High -1

Mugsy 7 Months Old
Thinking about peeing in the sub-zero temperatures.

I am dreading the weekend knowing we are in for a serious cold snap here in Minneapolis. With the average high temperature in the negatives and the wind chill about -10 to -20 we'll be spending all our time inside. It hurts to breath air that cold. The dogs will sit by the door and whine to go out but then not go out and sneak to the basement and pee. I don't blame them; it's just annoying and can lead to cabin fever for me. I think some critters have decided to hunker down in my garden shed in the backyard, so the dogs may decide to go out and hunt for a few seconds. If the bunnies are smart they will hide elsewhere.

I have lined up a few things to keep us busy. I will be making some homemade dog food I found on the Old Boston Chat Board called AMBROSIA. It is the formula used by the late Charles McCaughin’s (pronounced McAnn) at his “Lovin’ Hands Bostonetts” Kennel in Oklahoma. You might consider McCaughin as one of the founding fathers of the OBB bloodline. He breed his dogs back to the BT standard of 1935 when they were free of heath problems. He was not allowed to register his Bostons with the AKC. Most of his stock went to the Goodtimes Kennel in Ontario, Cananda when he passed. You can learn more about the breeding lines here; it sounds like they will be posting more pictures of McCauglin and the the history of his kennel later this year.

Then I also have materials lined up to make inexpensive no-sew dog toys that Mugsy loves and is friendly for his unique mouth. Has anyone ever noticed how large OBB mouths are? They are like Muppet's! Especially when they yawn. I will post instructions later.

Until next post,
Naomi & Mugsy

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Win a trip of a lifetime! | Video Contest

Grand Prize – Discover the Ends of the Earth
The grand prize winner and a guest will be invited to explore the remote northern and southern reaches of the world, in two separate vacations valued at over $61,000!
  • Part one: South Georgia & The Falklands near the Antarctic Peninsula where it's possible to see 100,000 penguins in one place!
  • Part two: Arctic Svalbard – a remote chain of islands only 600 miles from the North Pole famous for its "midnight sun".
  • Activities: walking along wild beaches, whale watching, kayaking among sculpted icebergs and rugged hiking to witness wildlife at play.

First Prize
Discover the Treasures of Galapagos & the Land of the Inca
The second place winner and a guest will be invited to experience the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands and the sacred valleys of the Incas
Second Prize
Discover the West in the Footprints of Lewis and Clark
The third place winner and a guest will be invited to follow Nature Valley on the trail pioneered by Lewis & Clark in the Pacific Northwest. | Enter the Wheres Yours? Video Contes

Win a Flip Video Camera Here! Weekly Contest | Weekly Drawing
Check out the contest, I'll submit the Ullr festival pictures next week.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Texas Showdow | IOEBA Sanctioned Dog Show

That's Mugsy's Champion papa, Kodiak, in the middle picture. Mugsy's structure is very similar to Kodiak in that picture. I really wanted to participate but its too far to go at this time. It looks like there is one in May that is half the distance. I figured we drove down to pick him up from Kansas City at Roundhead Kennel so I can drive down there to show him too. He has really started to develop his adult form over the last few weeks and he is a natural at training. Hopefully I can work with an experienced handler in the meantime to work on our presence together.