Monday, January 7, 2008

Texas Showdow | IOEBA Sanctioned Dog Show

That's Mugsy's Champion papa, Kodiak, in the middle picture. Mugsy's structure is very similar to Kodiak in that picture. I really wanted to participate but its too far to go at this time. It looks like there is one in May that is half the distance. I figured we drove down to pick him up from Kansas City at Roundhead Kennel so I can drive down there to show him too. He has really started to develop his adult form over the last few weeks and he is a natural at training. Hopefully I can work with an experienced handler in the meantime to work on our presence together.


Becky @ Wired said...

We really wish that you could make the show to! Hope all is well up your way :D Stay warm and kiss that boy for me!

Wired Kennel

Naomi said...

Thanks Becky! We wish we could make it too! Partly now just to stay warm! Good luck and hope to see you at next show in May.

Naomi & Mugsy