Monday, January 28, 2008

Book Review: Dogs

My new book came today from and I love it! Anybody who loves old photography, especially of dogs, will love this book. Caroline Johnson collects amateur snapshots of dogs, this book is a collection of photos from the turn of the century up to the 50's. It also has a smattering of quotes and writings from William Wegman, the worlds best known dog photographer. Phaidon published the book; as an art student I quickly realized what great books they choose to publish, this is no exception. Some might review the faux cloth binding treatment as lesser quality but it is a great price for a 500+ page picture book.

It is especially fun for me to see all the old bulldogs! I think every other page has one. Oh! And all the old boston bulls pictures... They must have been quiet popular during the early days. There is even one picture that has writing on it. It says, "Can you find Pat? He's a Dandy little Toy Boston Bull and a female! Patsy is her right name." Lake Erie Summer 1928. That old pat joke from Saturday Night Live must be much older or it's an inside joke. The image is of a man cradling a Bt marked bulldog.

This will be a treasured addition to my growing collection of books on dogs. This also inspired me to finally finish that amazon store! So please check out our favorite book and movies! I will use the proceeds to help promote Olde Boston Bulldogges development by sponsoring trophies at shows, traveling to events or donating proceeds to other dog related causes.

Enjoy! Naomi & Mugsy

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