Friday, August 17, 2007

Comic Relief

I am reading the book Boston Terriers, The Early Years, by Cathy J. Flamholtz. I started it in the car on my way to Kansas City from Minneapolis to pick Mugsy up, so far it has been fun to read. I'll talk more about it in a post to come once I finish it.

As an artist and OBB/BT enthusiast I have especially enjoyed reading chapter four dedicated to artist and cartoonist Robert L. Dickey (1861-1944). An avid animal lover, Dickey started painting animals as a young kid. He later advanced his career by sketching horses for a prominent sporting magazine. In the 1930s he became know for his newspaper strips 'Mr. and Mrs. Beans', 'Buster Beans' and 'Buckey and his Pals'. Dickey also illustrated dog cartoons for Life magazine and for other advertisers from 1914 to 1930. A smattering of these illustrations are in Flamholtz book.

As I get to know Mugsy better, I am finding that Dickey truly captured the
character of these breeds. He often illustrates from the puppies perspective and incorporates many other adult animals and dogs in his cartoons. From their little wiggly bottoms to their run-and-tumble adventures, visually the cartoons are spot-on. They also illustrate funny topics that OBB or BT owners should easily relate too. I often wonder what little Mugsy is thinking and most pet owners can attest to the expressions on their beloved pets faces when we put them in those crazy predicaments like above or my favorite as a child...Cat dress up day! Poor kitties...

Happy Friday!

P.S. I am looking for a copy of the book by Dickey, Mr and Mrs Beans if anyone runs across one
(signed would be the golden ticket!).

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