Wednesday, July 9, 2008


'Mugsy' Roundheads Juji 13 months

Mugsy is growing up to be a fine little Olde Boston Bulldogge. His favorite things to do this summer are play with his big sis Azia in his BIG backyard. He spends alot of time entertaining the neighbors at the fence and even serenades the Carlsons at the back fence. The neighbor girls love, love, love him! So it is always a treat for him to get their attention.

He likes to go for walks and spends the first few steps jumping at his leash but eventually I get him to walk straight. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to handle both dogs by myself but they actually do quite well together with one walker.

So far in our bag of tricks we can sit, lay down, shake, jump through hula hoops, and play on his flirt pole. We are working on not jumping up and would love to get back into training but we have very hectic work schedules so it hasn't worked out again this summer. Maybe this fall when the boat and motorcycles (mom had one now too) have been put away and the summer parties have come to an end.

Mugsy does have a few pet peeves like me sitting at my computer and can try my patience as barks and whines and nudges my arms for attention. He tends to want to snuggle at night and manages to wait until we are asleep no matter how many times we push him off. Not sure what the resolution is as he is penned up all day I hate to do it all night.

Until next post,
Naomi & Mugsy

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