Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Story

I think Yoder looks like an OBB in that picture! Sounds like Mugsy too. It's always nice to hear a happy ending to a tough situation. I wish people we not so greedy and breed responsibily. I'm afraid they will ruin it for all the good breeders out there.

Mugsy is growing up pretty fast and is such a bundle of fun! Spring is around the corner so both dogs enjoy being outside more but on the downside that is the season of MUD. So we'll be cleaning all four's for the next two - three months.

There is also a ton of activity in the neighborhood. They are tearing down all the homes next to us and building new ones so we have lots of people and equipment next door. Then across the street they are developing a new mixed-use development where the shopping center is and since it is over a swamp - we are listening to lots of pounding. The dogs have a few new things to watch in the coming months.

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