Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A story of kibble, a kong and a little lamb.

My dogs never seem to get the Kong thing. I go to other dog homes and get jealous when they tug and chew quietly with their kongs in a corner. I still buy them in hopes it may provide a source of entertainment for at least a little bit. When I tried one with Mugsy and it was fun for maybe five minutes or so, then it was like ...next toy please. At puppy class the other day they showed us a little trick and it opened up a whole new world of kong-ideas!

Fill the kong with kibble almost to the top and then fill the end with a soft food some chopped up Natural Balance Roll stuff - another new great thing I learned about at puppy class. So far we have tried the lamb flavor and both big and little dog love it. We do need to get two kongs however as it can be a resource issue having only one kong now. Then give it to your pup and they will work really hard to get the soft stuff out and then the kibble will fall out as they play with the kong. Cute and it keeps them working for their kibble.

So for more awesome ideas and yummy recipes visits Kong's Site.

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