Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm not a Boxer!

All though I could be in this picture.
Savvy Photography

Saturday, Mugsy went to his first puppy class. I tried to bring him earlier but my vet said no, he was too young. I wish I wasn't such a good listener since I think he could have benefited from it sooner. He did great, he's an agility superstar already! No hesitation through hula-hoops, in tunnels, up ramps, and around noisy toys and wobbly floors. His class mates are mostly older fluffy puppies, but a few have some aggression issues so the teacher was happy to have Mugsy around. He did really we until the very end he started to play fight hard with another dog and the teacher offered me some great tips. Since that is happening everyday with Azia (our other dog) I am excited to go back for more tips. The class I wanted to take is full so I'll have to find somewhere else to go, unless it opens up.

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