Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dog Logic: Behave Now, Think Later

Image: Robert Dickey
My RSS feeder displayed this article: Discovery Channel :: News - Animals :: Dog Logic: Behave Now, Think Later. I found it rather interesting. I often wonder what my dogs and other pets do while I am not at home. Once during a construction project my big dog who is rather protective of our home ran through an unfinished wall unknown to the garage door installer who thankfully was a dog person dealt with the suspicious chow like a champ! We advised him to just leave and we'd be home asap; he choose to talk the pup back inside and no incident happened. Now had we been home, would she have been that nice? We are still working on making nice with the Schwann's man. She's a sugar bear as Mugsy has learned. I'll share my new trick later this week - it's called 'Park It!'

The article also linked to an Animal IQ Test, I will have to try it once Mugsy turns one next June. I can try it on the big dog now - I'll update this post with a score when I have one.

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