Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sleeping Dogs II...note the magic rug!

Aren't they sweet! It was a zen like moment for me...peace and quiet.

As promised here is a scoop with the rug. If you feed your dogs treats on a rug and only allow them to eat them on the rug, they will not muss up your house. It proved to be a bit more difficult with two dogs, even with two rugs but it is a nice training technique and they do love to go sit on a rug now. Training the trainer is difficult sometimes so we are trying to be diligent. I guess people eat at a table during dinner and this has helped them keep the dog away from the table. Note to self...dinner table, hmmm.

So next week Mugsy is graduating from puppy class and we get to play puppy poker. Everyone bets dog cookies on your pups ability to do the assigned command, and they have to vote before you do. He is very focused at class, more than at home, which is odd but I think he will do well. I'll let you know after Monday. UPDATE!!! Mugsy Passed and is on to Good Manners II.

One last thing, as far as OBB temperament. Mugsy is a growler much like a French Bulldog or Pug, he talks and A LOT, especially when things are not going his way. For example when he's sleeping all cozy on our bed and we pick him up to put him in the kennel. When we first got him he was nasty, but he has grown out of that. The trainer suggested giving him a cookie while picking him up so he identifies getting picked up as a good thing. Soon we may not be able to pick him up since he is getting heavy! It is very interesting to see the difference in training techniques and while I started using corporal punishment when we first got him I am getting much better results with the positive reinforcement and food incentives. Mugsy is very intelligent and now that we trust each other we are able to communicate. He is starting to know right from wrong. Our trainer mentioned the comprehension of a dog trained with corporal punishment versus positive reinforcement is about 70-85% to 95%. Training has been wonderful! If you live the in the western twin cities, puppy good start is awesome! I have read a few disturbing posts out there in cyberspace and thought I should share my experience.

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