Monday, October 15, 2007

Guest OBB's! Q: Guess which one is Mugsy's full sister?

Emma (black-brindle/white), Mimi (tan/white) & Buddha (brindle/white)
A: Okay you're right, Mimi is Mugsy's sister. Isn't she sweet!

Too bad we live so far away or I'd take a picture with them all at the same time, especially since Mugsy is 22.5 pounds and Mimi is 14 and their bodies are the same shape. Kent must be having lots of fun with three puppies at home, hopefully they wear themselves out.

We're off to puppy class tonight, if I learn anything extra special, I'll pass it along. Oh! I did forget to tell you all about the magic rug. Full report later after tonight's class.

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