Friday, December 21, 2007

The Cabin, New Family & First Hotel Overnight

6 Months Old

Mugsy went on a road trip with us for the holiday weekend. He did pretty good in the car on the way up to the cabin. After we arrived the weather turned bitter cold - below 0 degrees! Brrr... Since it is mostly a summer destination it is a great place to let dogs run around off leash and do a little exploring in the woods without getting into too much trouble. The cold weather kept him close to the cabin. During our stay Mugsy made many short trips outside to pee--unfortunately on the deck. We have this problem at home but kinda rude on someone else's deck. We'll have to work on this. Mugsy did have a doggy friend there - Taz the Golden Doodle - so they played a bit in the snow and inside. Taz and Mugsy have only played a few times with our other dog present. Azia was not on this trip so it was good for Mugsy to learn boundary's with a new adult dog.

The next day we drove to a resort about an hour away and checked in with Mugsy. Of course he was a hit with most resort visitors and family. I had some apprehension having him with since he howls at the top of his lungs when he is alone and in his kennel especially. Of course he started to do this at the first opportunity so he had to be at my side for gifts and the dinner. He was bored but I had a Kong with to keep him entertained and we had bones from dinner at the cabin so those helped. He didn't have any accidents while at the resort and did a great job. I would recommend staying at Thumper Pond with your pet if you are in area. They have an indoor water park that looked really fun - sorry, no pets allowed in the pool.

One more stop before we headed back to Minneapolis and that was to Grandma's apartment building where pets are not allowed in so Mugsy stayed in the car while we visited. The trip home was three hours and about the last hour he started to cry - he'd had enough. I tried to let him out but that was a terrible idea considering we were packed to the brim in the golf and he didn't want to sit still. I got a nice scratch and back in the kennel he went and eventually he napped the rest of the way home. He tends to cry before he naps - not always but something like a toddler I guess. All in all it was a good trip, and a good test run for possibly taking long trips.

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