Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Need a Dog Friendly Camera? Get this one!

Caught on digital camera with his clothes on!

Last Christmas I was given a Stylus 720 SW underwater camera, waterproof camera, shockproof camera. The one I had was great, but older and delicate for taking pictures when we are snowboarding or out on the town. We were headed west to Colorado to visit family then on to Sundance Film Festival a few weeks later. I immediately ran to a local Camera Store, they sell digital cameras in the twin cities like this new model the Olympus 790. I wanted to pick up a silicone skin so I could use it on the digital camera while on the mountain for extra grip and protection from the elements. It is similar to ones you see on a iPod nano.

The performance of the of the digital camera so far has been great, I do have a bit of trouble remembering which menus to find certain features like the panorama setting, but it does stand up to its name of point and shoot. For panorama shots you'll need an xD Memory Card like the one sold here.

Copper Mountain, Co - Winter 2006

The image above can be used as a screen saver at 1024 x 768 (click the image open to a new page then right-click and select save as desktop screen saver). I love to use my camera for customizing my computer at work or at home.

I think the biggest improvement over my old camera is click to process time, it is fast! Especially handy for celebrity photo opportunities like at Sundance Film Festival. It is small enough to fit in my purse and is not too heavy so I carry it often. My cell phone has a 1.3 megapixel digital camera on it too so do have a lighter, smaller option but the pictures are as good as you see in the last post titled New Picture.

Matt Sorum (his blog) from Velvet Revolver

I most recently have been using the digital camera here on Mugsy's Blog. It takes great photos like the one here in the garden. I love the art of film but this blog would not be possible with out the digital camera. In fact the professional shots here are taken with a Professional Nikon Camera at Savvy Photography. They are pretty fancy but if you are into SLR technology it is the only option.

I think the BEST feature of this camera is the ability to do this...

Helping Azia Swim - Picture taken underwater!

...I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but it worked, no damage to the camera. The photo quality is as clear if not better than any other disposable underwater camera I have used. Poor doggy has a tough time swimming but jumped in to save me anyway after every dive - until she figured out I was doing this for fun. Agghh... Mugsy was too small to swim that day but enjoyed a nap in the sun and a quick dip of the feet.

-Mugs and Me

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